Ecological Gabion Slope Protection
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Ecological Gabion Slope Protection

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Ecological gabion slope protection:

Gabion Net is a box-shaped structure made of low-carbon steel wire with high corrosion resistance, high strength, and a certain degree of ductility, wrapped with PVC material and then mechanically woven. According to the material shape, it can be divided into gabion slope protection, Renault slope protection, alloy net bag and so on.



1. It has strong integrity, water permeability, erosion resistance, and ecological suitability;

2. Wide application range;

3. It is conducive to the growth of natural plants and improves the bank slope environment;

4. Low cost and economical Affordable and easy to transport.



Since the main body of the slope protection is filled with stones, a large amount of stone is needed, so its applicability in plain areas is not strong; it needs to be remedied in time after partial inter-bank damage to avoid internal stone leakage and affect the stability of the bank slope.

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