Field Fence


Field Fence

Field Fence is another type of wire fence, but one which uses heavier gauge wire, with joints that are crimped to provide extra strength. It is used for cattle, hogs, and other large livestock. Wire gauge is typically about 12-gauge, but the top and bottom wire may be of heavier 10-gauge wire gauge to provide extra durability. There are several variations: 

Hinge-joint knot fence reinforces each wire intersection by wrapping the vertical wires around the horizontal. This provides considerably more lateral strength than a standard welded wire fence, but it is possible for animals prone to climbing to cause the horizontal wires to slide.

Fixed-knot fence: In this style, the wire intersections are reinforced from both directions, which prevents the fence wires from sliding at all.

Woven field fence: In this style, the wires are interwoven as well as being reinforced with some form of a knot.  Special crimped joints allow some flexibility under the impact, allowing the fence to spring back to shape after large animals push against it. This can be especially useful for confining livestock animals known to push or ram a fence, such as goats, poultry, or sheep.

Fielf Fence 880x430


•  Protect ranch, farm.

•  Protect the forest and environment.

•  Field fence for livestock.

•  Isolation of livestock and projects.


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