Good news ▏NCIF has obtained a major system certification certificate - BSCI
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Good news ▏NCIF has obtained a major system certification certificate - BSCI

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Good news ▏NCIF has obtained a major system certification certificate - BSCI, and the high-quality development has reached a new level


Recently, the company obtained the commercial and social standards certification. After a comprehensive, strict and meticulous review by the expert team of the Quality Certification Center of the national and international authoritative organizations, the company's social responsibility management system complies with the BSCI standard. Certificate coverage: geotextile supplies, design, and production.


In recent years, the improvement of domestic living standards, national policies on environmental protection actions, and changes in the international economic situation have made business competition more fierce, which has also brought companies the opportunity to reach a new level of development, in order to further standardize the company’s processes and effectively Control risks, increase returns, and form a standardized operation and standardized management model. Starting from a strategic perspective, the company has carried out social responsibility management system certification, which has achieved the transformation from excellence to excellence. It also reflects the company’s insistence on "integrity-based, value-based" "Supreme" business philosophy.


The company has been committed to the development and production of geotextiles and high-end geotechnical products. By pushing the BSCI business social standard system, it has not only improved the company's quality and social responsibility awareness, but more importantly, the establishment and implementation of the quality and social responsibility management system are standardized. The company’s management provides a solid foundation for the company’s development and growth. It reflects that the company’s product and service quality has reached the international standard quality management requirements, and it signifies that the company’s management has achieved a new level of scientific, refined, and standardized management steps. We firmly believe that under the requirements of this social responsibility standardization system, the company will provide customers with satisfactory services and higher standards in the research and development and production of geotechnical products, geotechnical materials, silt control, site supply, gardening and landscape products. The quality of the product.

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