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Garden Nursery Black Plastic Gallon Pots are the most common choice for perennials to grow and to pot up bulbs and cuttings indoor or outdoor.

Sizes of such nursery gallon pots are designed to be measured in unit of gallon, so as to be called gallon pot. We offers gallon nursery from 1 gallon to 20 gallon, which provides its clients with much more choices.

1-1 plastic pot gallon pot

Injection Mold Gallon Pots are made including UV anti-aging additives, long service life, outdoor use can achieve 3 years; At the same time it extrusion resistant, not easy deformation, not easy damaged, plate light energy saving, convenient and plant transplanting, cost savings, green environmental protection, 100% recyclable, professional for evergreen plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers design, it is a large garden and garden nursery seedling production the best Nursery container.

All pots are designed to maximize efficiency in growing operations, promoting plant growth and protecting plants during transportation.

1-9 Injection Mold Machine 860x430

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The Hot Sale Specs and Sizes:

Item Top Dia.(mm) Bottom Dia.(mm) High (mm) Weight Volume Package (psc)
NP-1 164 130 178 90g 0.72 gal 5290
NP-2 224 170 205 185g 1.52 gal 2500
NP-3 275 207 245 300g 2.58 gal 1344
NP-5T 275 220 300 390g 4.12 gal 1072
NP-5S 341 283 230 425g 3.38 gal 728
NP-7Q 368 300 295 610g 5.77 gal 549
NP-7H 345 265 360 710g 6.1 gal 504
NP-10S 440 370 304 863g 8.4 gal 240
NP-15 515 417 400 1220g 13.85 gal 236
NP-20 560 446 435 1942g 19.7 gal 184

Plastic Gallon Pots Features:

• High Premium Durable design with drainage holes for optimum soil drainage;

• Perfect for stacking, this injection-molded nursery container has heavy-duty wrap-around rims, making them easy to handle and strong enough to pick up heavy plant material.

• Both side and bottom drain holes design are for superior drainage and offers a wide base, ideal for shallow rooted plants, producing a better root ball. The gallon nursery container helps to conserve water, capturing more water during the watering process, it is ideal for windy conditions.

• Widely accepted by growers, the pots are lightweight, flexible, washed and re-used.

• Plants are easy to remove - gently squeeze the pot to release the roots.

1-4 plastic pot

All Sizes For Garden Nursery Plastic Pots Are Available.

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