Economy Weed Control Fabric


Economy Weed Control Fabric

Spunbond Non-Woven Weed Control Fabric is one rather economy weed control fabric. And it is an ideal landscaping material which can be used for a wide variety of landscaping purposes whether used in the garden, in fruit and veg patches, flowerbeds, around the base of trees and bushes or underneath driveways, paths and decking.


In landscaping areas, Helps suppress weeds thus reducing maintenance Ideal for creating low maintenance areas, hlping new plants to esstablish and keeping them healthy.


  ●   High intensity

  ●   Thermostable

  ●   Anti-aging

  ●   Anti-ultraviolet rays

  ●   High elongation

  ●   Good stability and permeability

  ●   Anti-corrosive

  ●   Sound insulation

  ●   Antimoth

  ●   Non-toxic

* Non woven ( point bonded)

Our Point bonded Non-Woven Weed Control Fabric is a lightweight, porous material that is also known as ‘Mulch Mat’. Water and nutrients pass easily through the fabric but weeds cannot penetrate it. Fabric has to be covered with a mulch, gravel or stones and should not be exposed to direct sunlight to stop the material from disintegrating.


  ●   Fabric Code: SP30, SP50, SP65, SP80, SP100

  ●   Colors: Black, Brown, Grey


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