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Geosynthetics commonly includes geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners. Geosynthetics are available in a wide range of forms and materials, each to suit a slightly different end use and the basic functions applications are defined for the geotextile as following:

⌖ Separation

⌖ Stabilization

⌖ Filtration

⌖ Drainage

⌖ Reinforcement

The polymeric nature of the products makes them suitable for use in the ground where high levels of durability are required and prevent erosion and hydrostatic build-up under hard armor systems. Properly formulated, however, they can also be used in exposed applications.

Geogrids are used in stabilization and reinforcement applications over soft soils, including paved and unpaved roads, embankments and retaining walls. Geogrids are used in applications similar to stabilization geotextiles. Containment Products provide an impermeable layer to prevent the passage of solids or liquids into the ground.

The typically applications are waste containment, hazardous material storage and ponds. Saturated soil on construction sites can create a variety of development issues. Saturated soils will tend to exaggerate or trigger slumps, slides and significant weakening of slopes.

The geosynthetic industries offers a wide variety of solutions for this issue, including cellular confinement, MSE walls, and gabions mattress.

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