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Strip Drain

Strip Filter Drains, also known as prefabricated geocomposite drains are designed for sub-surface drainage behind shotcrete walls. They reduce hydrostatic pressure against a wall or slab and assist in maintaining the structural integrity of the wall from grade to footer. When properly installed, behind walls strip drains allows their design loads to be reduced by between 40% and 180%. Geocomposite drains are also easier to construct than aggregate drains on steep faces.


◐ Hold reinforced shotcrete – Geotextile covered cuspated cores provide an excellent surface for the adhesion of shotcrete and other construction materials.

◐ Dimples reduce shotcrete rebound by 10-20% and save money because less shotcrete is lost during spraying.

◐ Easy to store, transport and install – Lightweight strip drain is placed easily and quickly. No heavy equipment or skilled labour is required.

◐ High flow capacity provides faster hydrostatic relief – The open area of the cuspated core collects up to 10 times more water than rigid strip drains. The cuspated core provides multiple channels for vertical and horizontal water flow, thereby lowering the water table behind the shotcrete surface. In addition, the filter fabric permits a high volume of water into core, while restraining soil particles.

◐ Outstanding durability – The polymer core’s high crush strength resists high loads from in-fill and formwork. Both core and fabric are unaffected by fungi or bacteria and resist acids and alkalis normally found in the soil.

◐ Sustainable – Geocomposite drains have a high recycled content, increase water efficiency, manage storm-water runoff and help effectively manage site issues. Geocomposite drains help to conserve aggregate resources.


There are many different types of slope/embankment stabilization and drainage applications based on project-specific requirements and conditions.

For shoring walls

• Full wall coverage using sheet drains

• Partial wall coverage using chimney drains

• Weep hole outlets at each sheet/chimney at the wall base; lateral drainage using geocomposite strip drains

• Perforated pipe at the wall base

For pressure relief behind reinforced soil walls and slopes

• Building foundations and basements

• Bridge abutments

• Road tunnel linings (especially on rock faces)

• Retaining walls

• Drainage behind facings to bored pile and diaphragm walls

• Runoff from footpaths, cycleways and verges


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