Woven Geotextile - T Series


NCIF T Series - Woven Geotextile Fabric


Our woven geotextile T series are high strength woven geotextiles, made from high-tenacity polypropylene. With ample width, it can reach the ultimate strength of up to 200 kN/m. T series Hhigh strength geotextiles can be  designed as reinforcement in temporary or permanent structures. Applications include road and embankment construction, tailings pond caps, retaining wall construction, and in any area requiring high strength. 


High strength woven geotextiles are used for high strength soil reinforcement applications.


○ Woven from high strength polypropylene or polyester

○ Durable long-term reinforcement

○ Layfield has unique high strength sewing/installation capabilities

○ The most strength available in any reinforcement geosynthetic

Typical Applications

○ Reinforcement applications

○ Tailings pond caps

○ Sludge pond caps

○ Embankment and steepened slope reinforcement

Woven Geotextiles - T Series 


◐ T40-225 

◐ T50-250 

◐ T70-310 


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