Fiber Back Ground Cover


Fiber Back Ground Cover

Fiber Back Ground Cover Woven Fabric is a premium landscape fabrics made of woven/non woven polypropylene fabrics, needle-punched together. The fabric provide increased light blockage. Reinforced fibers add durability for tough Projects.


●  Heavy Duty, combining the strength of heavy-duty woven fabric with the high permeability of non-woven fabric.
●  This weed fabric mat with superior permeability to keep your soil value, and keeps weeds away. Easily for irrigation.
●  Friendly for the soil, made of professional grade PP material.
●  No need to hire an expensive professionals, just unfold and cut the landscape fabric according to your space.
●  Guide line can help adjust the spacing between plants.



●  Fabric Code : FB41; FB48; FB50;

●  Colors : Black with color strip line every 12”

●  Standard size : 3’ 6’ 8’ 10’ 12’ x 250’ 

Technica Data:

PropertyTest MethodFB41FB48FB50
Tensiie StrenghtASTMD4632LBS100x50115x60115x60
Trapezoidal TearASTMD4533LBS30x2550x3050x30
CBR PunctureASTM D 6241LBS200220230
UV ResistanceASTMD4533%707070
AOSASTM D 4751mm0.40.40.4
Water Flow RateASTM D 4491gpm/ft2101010


●  Resistant to UV light
●  Imprervious to light
●  More easily hinders the growth of weeds

●  Preserve your soil value
●  Non-woven fabric allows air & water to run through easily


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