Green House Cover


GreenHouse Covers are the most common and lowest cost type of covering material. The types of covers available are polythene (polyethylene), EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride). With the constant improvements in plastics, these covering materials offer a lot of flexibility and performance options. Coverings can have a variety of additives which are used to give plastic films useful properties. For example, films may be used to exclude ultra violet (UV) light for chemical free pest control or reflect long wave infra red (IR) radiation to improve heat retention at night. As a result, some plastic covering materials are coloured or tinted.

1-7 Greenhouse Cover Winter Protection Fabric 860x430


Additives to the plastic determine its:

• Durability

• Capacity to reduce heat loss

• Capacity to reduce droplet formation

• Transmission of particular wavelengths of light

• Capacity to reduce the amount of dust sticking to the film.

pe film greenhouse film

The Mini Greenhouse coverings are more for garden, landscape, diy, etc.

1-8 Greenhouse Cover Winter Protection Fabric 860x430


• Protect Your Plants - A small greenhouse can prevent cold weather damage and preserve warmth and sunlight for plants; Planting season all year around, and suitable for maintaining plants or seed breeding

• Easy to Assemble – No tools required for assembling this green house as it is fast and easy to build with its simple yet effective design

• Easy Access – Easily lift the lightweight green house from the plants it is covering to tend to them

• Durable PVC Cover - This mini greenhouse covering is durable plastic transparent PVC

• Ventilation window design: internal ventilation, suitable for the growth of different varieties of flowers and plants.

• Wide Use - Ideal for both indoor and outdoor


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