Knitted Shade Cloth


* Knitted Shade Cloth -Monofilament

Knitted shade is constructed from high density polyethylene for added strength and longer life and has fast become an economical alternative to woven fabrics. It is engineered to especially resist tears, mold and mildew, and its finished edges on both outer sides require no tape or grommets. This fabric will not unravel when cut, and is easily installed anywhere with poly clips. U.V. treated for long life! 

• Standard Width : 4' ~ 17.5' max. 

• We offer sewing to any bigger width than 17.5' . 

  Please contact for special customization options. 

30% Mono 80GSM

40% Mono 110gsm

50% Mono 140gsm

50% Mono 140gsm

60% Mono 160gsm

60% Mono 160gsm

70% Mono 190gsm

70% Mono 190gsm

80% Mono 220gsm 

*Knitted Shade Coth - Tape Yarn

Tape 50gsm 30%

Tape 60gsm 40%

Tape 70gsm 50%

Tape 80gsm 60%

Tape 180gsm 90%

Tape 300gsm 95%

The shade clothes are also available in many different shade-blocking percentages. The percentages reflect the amount of shade that is being provided. For instance, a 30% shade cloth would block out 30% of the light, where an 80% shade cloth would prevent out up to 80% of the light. This also shows how tightly the shade clothes are made.

1-7 knitted shade cloth

Features & Benefits

• Material: UV-stable Polypropylene

• Helps to extend the growing season

• Cool the space that is being covered the least expensive way

• Keeps plants, people, animals cool

• Reduce moisture loss

• Protect assets from bird-related damage

• Better ventilation than other materials

• Resists chemicals

• Rust-resistant brass grommets

• Lightweight, easy on supporting structures

• Quick assembly: No tools needed

• Water permeable for rainfall and irrigation


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