Mattress is a special form of gabion with plan areas greater than its thickness, Fabricated from heavily galvanized with PVC coated double twisted hexagonal wire mesh, rectangular mattress shape. The compartment or cells of the mattress are of equal size and dimension and are formed by internal diaphragms being placed within the basket providing even distribution of the stone fill throughout the mattress even after structural movement. Even distribution of the stone fill ensures that the mattress maintains intimate contact with the foundation soil.

The compartments are filled with stones. Diaphragms between the compartments help to maintain the baskets uniform shape and to evenly distribute the stone infill. Special fasteners are used to close and secure the Gabions, preventing movement of the stone and maintaining the integrity of the system. They are available in a variety of sizes that can be easily connected to create any configuration required. Unlike rigid structures, Gabions remain flexible and are well suited to projects over unstable foundations. They possess tremendous strength and require little maintenance. Gabions remain permeable, limiting the need for costly drainage provisions and promote growth of vegetation.

Gabion Mattress suited to covering large flat areas in order to prevent river erosion. Laid on river beds or beneath gabion walls

Standard mattress sizes are 3m x 2m & 2m x 2m in plan and available in depths of 0.17m and 0.3m respectively. These are typically supplied in a Galfan coated wire with a PVC coating on top as traditionally they are laid on the beds of watercourses or beneath gabion walls to provide erosion protection and under scour. Once filled with stone or rock and the lid closed, they form monolithic blankets.


    •  Fabric Type:  Hexagonal woven, double-twist wire mesh

    •  Mesh Aperture: 60mm x 80mm

    •  Wire Sizes Available: Galfan/PVC – 2.0mm/3.0mm overall

    •  Tensile Strength (wire): 350 to 550 N/mm²



    •  Superior strength, 

    •  Durability 

    •  Flexibility

    •  Permeability

    •  Economy

    •  Environmental friendly

    •  Easy to installation


    •  Protection against forces of water 

    •  Rainfall-induced erosion on slope surface

    •  Erosion control on moving water on the riverbank


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