PVC Coated Fabric(Vinyl)


PVC Coated Fabric(Vinyl)

Vinyl coated polyester is a material frequently used for flexible fabric structures. It is made up of a polyester scrim, a bonding or adhesive agent, and an exterior PVC coating. The scrim supports the coating (which is initially applied in liquid form) and provides the tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, and dimensional stability of the resulting fabric. Depending on its formula, the PVC coating makes the material waterproof and resistant to dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals and UV rays and gives the material added strength and durability. It can be sewn or heat sealed by way of RF(Radio Frequency) welding or hot-air welding.

A proper seam will be able to carry the load requirements for the structure. The seam area should be stronger than the original coated fabric when testing for tensile strength.

Advantages of PVC Coated Fabric

◆ Special Print Lacquer – for long life of print

◆ 100% waterproof – to prevent damage to cargo due to water

◆ Tough,Durable and Flexible

◆ UV stabilized

◆ Fungus and termite resistant

◆ Color Fastness – for long life of color

◆ Easily repairable by welding

◆ High Tear Resistance

◆ Fire Retardant (on request)

◆ Intrusion Proof Fabric (on request) – to prevent pilferage, theft of material during transit

◆ If accidental tearing does occur the torn portion does not propagate, expand

◆ 100% Recyclable

1-7 PVC Coated Fabric(Vinyl) Factory Equipments


Material: 100% Polyester

Color: Any color

Size: Custom Size

Weight: 200-2400gsm

Width: Max 6m

Thickness: 0.2-2mm

Characteristic: High strength, high density, UV resistant, water resistant, dust resistant, rot proof, mildew resistant, sunshade protect, anti-fungal, tear resistant, wind protection, etc.

Our pvc coated fabric can fit for all your project needs. Comes in various colors: white, black, green, royal blue, yellow, orange, gray and red.

Our pvc coated fabric vinly rolls are 100% waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant, oil/grease resistant, and resilient to tearing, making it great to be used outdoors as well as indoors. 

1-9 PVC Coated Fabric


◇ Canopy Tops

◇ Camping

◇ Pond Liner

◇ Roofing

◇ Car and Boat Cover

◇ Hay Tarp

◇ Construction

◇ Dump Trucks

◇ Flatbed Hauling

◇ Agriculture


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