Post can act as a spine for mesh or wire posts and prevent them from slipping down or falling over. NCIF is the professonial Manufacturer of stakes including posts made from steel,  Round, T and Y shaped posts, L-post, U-post, vineyard post and peach post.

Due to its appealing look, the 2-3/8″ Galvanized Round Post is the ideal choice for mounting street name signs, parking signs, and traffic signs. The galvanized finish provides excellent durability and rust resistance.

These particular round sign posts are 2-3/8″ in diameter, 16 gauge with a wall thickness of 0.063″, and are available in 8″, 10″, and 12″ lengths.


•  Surface finish of painted, PVC-coated, hot-dip

•  Electroplating and PVC-coated, epoxy resin zinc powder and PVC-coated are available to fit for different applications

•  Due to properties of nice corrosion resistance, anti-aging, nice appearance, easy and quick installation

•  Diameter and quantity of holes on Y-post can be punched to suit various application

•  Any Customized sizes are available


Provides vertical framework support that the chain link fabric, Such as in gardens, farms, pastures, vineyards, safety and industrial parks


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