Rebar Caps


Rebar Caps

Rebar safety caps protect construction workers from protruding rebar. These rebar covers provide various types of protection depending on their design and materials.

Rebar caps can improve your worksite's safety. A rebar safety cap goes on the end of rebar to blunt the edge and provides light impalement protection. Without a cover, rebar has an increased risk of impaling a worker when they fall, and a rebar cap reduces this danger. Combining the use of rebar caps with personal protective equipment and proper safety practices can improve your worksite's safety.

In some situations, a rebar safety cap can act as a landscape or survey marker. However, it has the primary purpose of light protection.

1-7 Rebar caps

These types of caps can fit a variety of rebar sizes to accommodate the safety needs of a wide range of projects.


    •  Excellent marking tool for all rebar work

    •  Highly visible orange / red/green increases worker visibility of rebar runs.

    •  Provides some protection from scratches of rebar termination points.

    •  Can be used for landscape, survey and stake marking

    •  Reusable

    •  Not to be used for rebar impalement prevention.

More applications in jobsite areas:

1-10 rebar caps

1-9 rebar caps

Standard (mushroom) rebar caps: Mushroom rebar caps cover the ends of rebar to flag their location and offer very light injury protection. They do not protect against impalement.

Steel-plated rebar safety caps: These steel-reinforced rebar end caps feature a design and materials meant to increase impalement protection.

Remember to combine the use of these caps with industry safety practices.

1-8 rebar caps


Construction worksite, protect construction workers from protruding rebar. 


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