River Ecological Slope Protection Forms
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River Ecological Slope Protection Forms

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Geotechnical material composite planting base slope protection


There are 3 types of slope protection.


I. Geotechnical net pad soil reinforcement planting foundation slope protection: mainly composed of 3 parts: net pad, planting soil and grass seeds.



1. Good soil consolidation effect;

2. Strong anti-erosion ability;

3. Economical and environmentally friendly.



1. The ability to resist rainstorms is still weak, depending on the growth of plants;

2. This technology is not applicable near and below the water level.


II. Soil-fixing and planting foundation slope protection of geotechnical unit: The planting base of geotechnical unit uses polypropylene and other sheet materials to form a honeycomb mesh through hot-melt bonding. The honeycomb unit is filled with soil and planted to play a role in soil consolidation and slope protection.


Advantages: 1. Light material, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, good toughness, strong impact resistance and convenient transportation. 2. The construction method is convenient and can be used many times.


Disadvantages: The slope of the applicable river should not be too steep, the water flow should not be too rapid, and the water level should not change too much.


III. Geogrid for soil consolidation and planting foundation slope protection: The grid is a two-dimensional grid or a three-dimensional grid screen with a certain height, which is made of polypropylene, polyvinyl and other high molecular polymers through thermoplastic or molding. , Is called geogrid in civil engineering. Geogrid is divided into four categories: plastic geogrid, steel-plastic geogrid, glass geogrid and glass fiber polyester geogrid.


Advantages: 1. It has strong anti-erosion ability and can effectively prevent the collapse of the river bank; 2. Low cost, convenient transportation, simple construction, and short construction period; 3. Geogrid is resistant to aging, high and low temperature.


Disadvantages: When the geogrid is exposed, the service life of the geogrid will be shortened by exposure to the sun; part of the geogrid made of polypropylene material can burn when exposed to fire.

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