Silt Fence


Silt Fence

Silt Fence is a woven geotextile, manufactured from high-quality UV-resistant polypropylene. It is designed to reduce soil sediment run-off from building sites. It is a temporary device often found on construction sites that allows water to filter through, while holding sediment and other contaminants like trash or debris back. In doing so, they help protect nearby bodies of water from pollutants, especially in areas like jobsites where there is heavy sediment disturbance. When installing this product, it is critical to ensure that the right height, type of posts, etc. is used in addition to ensuring the product is installed properly to reduce the risk of failure.

Silt Fence contains stabilizers and inhibitors, that make it resistant to deterioration caused by ultraviolet light, heat and soil conditions.

Silt Fence innovatively allows water to filter through the fabric while suspending soil particles that settle to the ground.

Silt Fence also eliminates the need for a wire mesh support for speed of installation and can be supported by hardwood stakes or star pickets.

Advantage & Benefits

    •  Light to medium strength woven fabrics

    •  Available with or without stakes, with custom stake spacing

    •  Available Heights – 24”, 36”, 42”

    •  Chain-link backing is also available for improved performance

    •  Orange, black and other colors available


Used around construction & landscape sites to control the movement of water and sediment protecting nearby streams, rivers and lakes.


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