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We offers a variety of fabric for truck cover applications, including woven polypropylene, vinyl coated polyester, and occasionally knitted HDPE.

Woven polypropylene has been a standard tarp for hauling asphalt, solid waste, and produce. It is reliable polypropylene fabric designed to cover loads of many types.

It is very strong and reliable fabric with the added characteristics of being smoother and having a higher gloss appearance.

Other fabric choices include a plain weave calendered polypropylene as well as our popular multi-colored vinyl coated polyester. Various colored options of vinyl coated polyester are available via special order.


 • Puncture and tear resistant reduces repairs and downtime
 • Rip-stop design improves overall life
 • Excellent UV resistance along with 5 year UV degradation warranty ensures investment protection for low wear applications

Woven polypropylene truck cover:

 • 8’, 10’, 12’ widths
 • 100 and 120 linear yard put-up
 • Blue, Black. Green color or Customized

This woven truck cover fabrics also are widely used in various fields:

 ◆ Truck Side Curtain

 ◆ Tipper Cover

 ◆ Coil Carrier Canopy

 ◆ Retractable Carrier Canopy

 ◆ Truck Tarpaulin

 ◆ Truck Cover

 ◆ Curtains Sider Trucks

 ◆ Railway Wagon Canopy

 ◆ Top Cover

 ◆ Trailer Tarpaulins

 ◆ Sliding Tarpaulins

 ◆ Container Tarpaulins

 ◆ Open Top Containers Tarpaulins

 ◆ Caravan cover

 ◆ Machinery cover

 ◆ Boat cover

 ◆ Vehicle Tarpaulins

 ◆ Wagon Tarpaulins

 ◆ Fumigation Covers

 ◆ Protective building tarpaulins

 ◆ Transport protection

 ◆ Wind protection fences

 ◆ Cover tarpaulins

 ◆ Privacy mesh

 ◆ Scaffolding jacketing

 ◆ Protective waggon tarpaulins

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