Turf Reinforcement Mats


Turf Reinforced Mat

Turf Reinforcement Mats have being proven performance and resulted in the widespread use and acceptance as a permanent, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to hard armor erosion protection solutions such as concrete and rip rap. UV and chemical resistant synthetic polyolefins are manufactured to create a flexible three dimensional matrix. Seed and soil are held in place within the matrix. As the vegetation matures, roots and stems inter-twine with the matrix, creating a Biotechnical Composite that is permanently anchored to the soil greatly enhancing the turf ability to withstand high shear stresses and flow velocities.

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Basic Advantages for using geotextile turf reinforcement mat

• Permanent Erosion Control Protections

• Permanent Erosion Control for Slopes

• provide temporary shoring and stabilization for constructed slopes

• Provides overtopping protection of earthen levees and dams

• Reinforces vegetation and promotes sustainable aquatic habitats

• Superior UV Resistance

• Woven Turf Reinforcement Mat For Superior Durability

• Three Dimensional Design Greatly Resists Flowing Water

• Fabric Construction Interacts With Vegetation Resulting In A Stable Root System

• Leading Moisture Retention To Promote Germination

• Sediment Retention Being Greatly Improved



• Steep Slopes

• Shorelines

• Levees

• Storm Water Channels

• High Flow Ditches


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