Sediment wattles are becoming more and more the norm for sediment barriers instead of using silt fences. They last a long time and they don't get damaged by the wind like silt fences do. Sediment wattles can be used on slopes to slow down the velocity of the water thus helping to prevent sheet erosion. They can be used around storm drains to filter the sediment from entering the storm system. The sediment log will biodegrade environment friendly but can last years which helps lower your maintenance costs.

Wattles Bags Standard size 

    9” x 10’  

    9” x 12’  



Different fabrics & colors you can choice to make your Wattle Bags

001 002 003
Polypropylene woven fabric Polyethylene Knitted fabric Vinly Coated fabric


•  Increases Stormwater Filtration

•  Reduces Runoff

•  Specifications for erosion and sediment control

•  100% Soil Contact

•  Control of runoff velocity on slopes and within drainage channels

•  Sustained vegetation health

•  Allows for trapping and settling of suspended solids without major excavation, land disturbance, or pond construction

•  Easily customized to fit most types of watersheds/drainage areas

•  Installation of sediment traps requires no trenching, therefore soil is not disturbed upon installation or removal

•  NO trenching, NO soil disturbance

•  Easy removal and little disposal costs

•  Can directly replace silt fence, straw bales, straw wattles, coir logs and rock check dams


•  Control stormwater runoff. 

•  Prevent off-site sedimentation at active construction sites.

•  Protect against slope erosion. 

•  Capture inlet sedimentation. 

•  Promote stabilization and revegetation of stream banks and shorelines. 

•  Provide soil stabiliation for forest fire rehabilitation. 


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