What is a weed control fabric?
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What is a weed control fabric?

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Weeding puts a strain on the lower back, and herbicides affect human health and the soil in no small way. Also, both weeding and herbicide application need to be done regularly.

Laying straw mats or steel plates on areas with weeds can control weed growth. Yet, straw mats deteriorate quickly, and steel plates are heavy and difficult to install. Weed control fabrics are much easier to install and last longer and thus can drastically reduce the workload.


Select the proper weed control fabric basic the following:

- Shading performance

- Penetration resistance

- Water permeability

- Durability

- Ease of installation


Block sunlight, the source of life for weeds

Shading performance is an important aspect of a weed control fabric.

Plants grow through photosynthesis.

Weed growth can be prevented by blocking sunlight.

Shading performance is the value indicating the ability to block sunlight.


The fabric must be able to let water pass through it.

If the fabric has no permeability, puddles are created on the fabric during rain. The puddles will eventually turn into muddy puddles. Then, the seeds of weeds fly into the muddy puddles and germinate. It is meaningless if weeds start to germinate on the fabric, although the fabric is controlling weeds beneath it with shading performance and penetration resistance.

If the fabric is installed on an inclined plane, and the permeability is low, the rainwater that is usually absorbed into the ground will flow down on the fabric and discharge into unintended areas.


Weed control fabrics have both the strength to control weeds and the flexibility to let water flow through them.

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